Many of Phi Sigma Sigma's alumnae wish to give back to the organization that gave them so much during their collegiate years by volunteering after graduation. We offer a few different ways to serve and stay involved. 

"Phi Sigma Sigma has been a huge part of my life since college. I feel that this organization provided me experiences that empowered me to be a strong and successful woman. I am forever grateful for the opportunities and the women I meet through this Phi Sigma Sigma. Post graduation I felt a desire to stay involved. I wanted to expose collegiate women to opportunities that would empower them to be leaders and positive role model to their campus and community" - Amy Smith, CKA of the Year 

General Advisory Board:

General Advisory board volunteers work directly with chapters to mentor our collegiate women, help strengthen chapter relations with host institutions and help our chapters achieve their recruiting, academic, and leadership goals. They are the right hand women to the Chapter Key Advisors and help to build a stable environment for collegians to thrive.

Application for General Advisory Board
Advisor Expectations
Volunteer Resource Page 

Our standing committees are involved in every aspect of the organization from coordinating the nominating process for Supreme Council to collecting campus resources and important campus contact information for each chapter.

Alumnae Ambassador Program:

Moving to a new place can be challenging, but our alumnae ambassadors provide the warmth to alumnae that new members feel from from chapter sisters in their first days. Consider joining this program if you're looking for a way to stay connected to other Phi Sigma Sigma sisters in your area through occasional coffee dates and phone calls. You might not be a familiar face (yet!), but we have no doubt the values that connect all Phi Sigma Sigma women will be seen through your willingness to say "hello, welcome to my city."

Already a volunteer?

If you are a current volunteer looking for some resources, please click the following links for some helpful information:

Volunteer Resource Page
Volunteer Expectations

Interested in learning more about available volunteer opportunities? Please email: volunteer@phisigmasigma.org