Headquarters Staff

In 2004, Phi Sigma Sigma purchased its first headquarters property in Elkridge, Md. The name Central Office was changed to Phi Sigma Sigma Headquarters. Phi Sigma Sigma Headquarters is home to the Fraternity, the Foundation and the National Housing Corporation's staff, records and historic memorabilia. The Headquarters offers a meeting, training and event facility, as well as a formal display for Fraternity memorabilia for the first time in our history.

Meetings, events, trainings and leadership development programming are held at our Headquarters.

Phi Sigma Sigma Headquarters staff brings a varied background of talents and professional experience in business, education, non-profit, service and sales to our Fraternity.

Staff's primary function is to provide stability and support to the membership by maintaining effective operations. From the preparation of annual financial statements, to the daily monitoring of chapter programming, the role of staff is essential to the daily operations of our collegiate and alumnae chapters, as well as to our general membership.


Phi Sigma Sigma Fraternity Staff

Executive Director
Michelle Ardern, Delta Iota Chapter at Central Michigan University
mardern@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6888

Director of Database and Technology
Linda Beavin, Beta Rho Chapter at Drexel University
lbeavin@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6957

Director of Housing
Caryn Feldman, Epsilon Theta Chapter at Montclair State University
cfeldman@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6941

Programs and Services Consultant
Sandy Grossman, Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University-New Brunswick
sgrossman@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6824

Accounting Manager
Helena Hannah
helena@phisigmasigma.org |

Accounting Manager
Theresa Major
tmajor@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 623-7689

Accounting Manager
John Schissler
jschissler@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6872

Associate Director Programs & Education
Harriette Baker
hbaker@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6961

Chapter Services Team Representative
Membership Manager, Omega Omega Chapter at Phi Sigma Sigma University
mm10@phisigmasigma.org |

Assistant Director Chapter Services
Lauren Tannenbaum, Delta Psi Chapter at University of West Florida
ltannenbaum@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6867

Assistant Director Programs & Education
Caitlin Joseph, Delta Eta Chapter at University of Delaware
cjoseph@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6951

Chapter Services Manager
Membership Manager, Omega Omega Chapter at Phi Sigma Sigma University
mm10@phisigmasigma.org |

Manager of Special Initiatives
Christina Robitaille, Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Hofstra University
crobitaille@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6843

Operations Manager
Rachel Stinger, Theta Beta Chapter at Coastal Carolina University
rstinger@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6986

Accounting Associate - AP
Nicole Lecza
nlecza@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6924

Accounting Associate - AR Housing
Ryan Case
rcase@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6894

Accounting Associate -AR
Ryan Case
rcase@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6894

Database Coordinator
Lisa Moshkovich, Epsilon Rho Chapter at York College of Pennsylvania
lmoshkovich@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6836

Manager Programs & Education
Hannah Torrance, Epsilon Delta Chapter at Chapman University
htorrance@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 623-7753

Operations Coordinator
Laura Conley
lconley@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 660-4122

Payroll Coordinator
Bonnie Harris
bharris@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6859

Chapter Coach
Sarah Alonzo, Theta Upsilon Chapter at University of La Verne
salonzo@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6978

Chapter Coach
Carrie Buente, Iota Phi Chapter at Lindenwood University
cbuente@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6806

Chapter Coach
Reese VanDerMolen, Epsilon Iota Chapter at Bridgewater State University
rvandermolen@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 623-7761

Coordinator Programs and Education
Sophiana Botich, Iota Phi Chapter at Lindenwood University
sbotich@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 623-7688

Educational Leadership Consultant
Caitlyn Johnson, Iota Tau Chapter at Miami University of Ohio
cjohnson@phisigmasigma.org | (240) 610-6963

Contact Headquarters

8178 Lark Brown Road
Suite 202
Elkridge, MD 21075

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. E

Email: PhiSigHQ@phisigmasigma.org
Phone: (410) 799-1224
Fax: (410) 799-9186
In case of Emergency: (410) 530-1913