Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation

2020 - 2021 Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to all of this year's scholarship and ed grant winners!


Named Scholarships

May be established by an individual or a chapter. Often, these scholarships are created in memory of a sister or loved one. Chapters may also choose to establish a scholarship to benefit a deserving chapter sister. This year’s winners are:

Gillian O'Grady, Delta Theta Chapter

Ali Ward Delta Iota Memorial Scholarship
Nicole Fosko, Delta Zeta Chapter

Ariel Rose Black Theta Iota Chapter Memorial Scholarship
Avery Offer, Theta Iota Chapter

Arthur and Clarisse Markowtiz Book Award
Tamar Prince, Delta Beta Chapter

Bertha and Mac Bodian Memorial Scholarship
Michelle Mazzucca, Delta Mu Chapter

Beta Alpha Nicole Schiffman Memorial Scholarship
Lois Richman, Beta Alpha Chapter

Beverly L. Richman, MD Scholarship
Lillian Meierhoff, Iota Zeta Chapter

Centennial Scholarship
Simonne Yet Kwong Horman, Iota Iota Chapter

Chapter Consultant Scholarship
Marissa Silverman, Beta Eta Chapter

Danielle Nguyen Memorial Scholarship
Brianna Gross, Iota Alpha Chapter

Educational Grant Alumnae - Part Time Student
Lauren Fick, Iota Rho Chapter

Educational Grant Alumnae - Part Time Student
Rachel Glines, Theta Rho Chapter

Educational Grant Alumnae - Part Time Student
Kelsie Kaier, Zeta Chi Chapter

Educational Grant Alumnae - Part Time Student
Sonia Mata, Iota Xi Chapter

Educational Grant Alumnae - Part Time Student
Shelby Wilson, Beta Omega Chapter

Erin Dagenais Memorial Book Award
Haley Schnupp, Theta Beta Chapter

Erin Michelle Say Memorial Scholarship
Emily Molner, Delta Theta Chapter

Helen Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship
Malaena Caldwell, Delta Theta Chapter

Jeanine Jacobs Goldberg Scholarship
Tymber Long, Zeta Delta Chapter

Josette George Kaufman Scholarship for Panhellenic Leaders
Megan McClintock, Iota Mu Chapter

Katie Vashon Memorial Scholarship
Megan Stanczak, Zeta Zeta Chapter

Kristina Witten Memorial Scholarship
Angelina Noll, Delta Theta Chapter

Laura Treanor Memorial Scholarship
Kaitlin Riegler, Kappa Chapter

Lindsey Orser Delta Delta Chapter Memorial Scholarship
Ariel Miyama, Delta Delta Chapter

Los Angeles County Alumnae Book Award
Tillie Morrisette, Pi Chapter

Mamie Klein Memorial Scholarship
Sabina Liskey, Epsilon Beta Chapter

Marcie Berson Service Scholarship
Dori Polovsky, Delta Xi Chapter

Maria Arena Memorial Scholarship
Tara Ravoli, Delta Zeta Chapter

Michelle Stacey Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Morgan Kolimaga, Theta Alpha Chapter

Nereyda (Neddie) Iniquez Memorial Scholarship
Anna Kazis, Iota Nu Chapter

Nicole Hodgins Cagle Memorial Scholarship
Laken Draksler, Gamma Gamma Chapter

Past Grand Archons' Scholarship
Aylin Padir, Gamma Iota Chapter

Sunshine State Scholarship
Elizabeth Sardinas, Delta Kappa Chapter

Veachey R. Bloom Book Award
Hallie Johnson, Delta Delta Chapter

Educational Grants

Funded primarily through interest earned by the Foundation, educational grants are awarded annually to collegiate and alumnae sisters based on three criteria: financial need, scholarship and service to Phi Sigma Sigma and the community, This year’s recipients are:

Akosua Akuoko, Epsilon Omicron Chapter
Georgia Boyd-Matic, Zeta Kappa Chapter
Emma Casale, Zeta Zeta Chapter
Danielle Chiariello, Delta Nu Chapter
Kelly Dickerson, Gamma Xi Chapter
Rachel Harvey, Pi Chapter
Donna Ilyukh, Beta Xi Chapter
Cat Johnson, Theta Chapter
Maddi Jura, Delta Delta Chapter
Melanie Mendoza-Lopez, Zeta Alpha Chapter
Kella Psillas, Iota Upsilon Chapter
Nikki Smith, Zeta Chi Chapter
Jess Von Brugger, Zeta Tau Chapter
Cassandra Wood, Iota Omicron Chapter
Lauren Woodis, Beta Eta Chapter

Chapter Educational Funds

Funds established by chapters for any educational purpose, with the primary focus on scholarships to deserving initiated members of the chapter, including alumnae pursuing post-graduate degrees. This year’s recipients are:

Beta Xi CEF
Athena Wong, Beta Xi Chapter

Delta Iota CEF
Christina Churay, Delta Iota Chapter

Delta Lambda CEF
Sammy Shera, Delta Lambda Chapter

Delta Theta CEF
Olivia Snyder, Delta Theta Chapter

Gamma Nu CEF
Olivia Waaben, Gamma Nu Chapter

Gamma Nu CEF
Allison Weihe, Gamma Tau Chapter

Gamma Xi CEF
Sarah Baseggio, Gamma Xi Chapter

Iota Alpha CEF
Kalei Strye, Iota Alpha Chapter

Amanda Warwick, Pi Chapter

Megan Wahl, Xi Chapter

Zeta Omega CEF
Katie Jaber, Zeta Omega Chapter